Top Ten Authors I'd like to See on a Reality Show

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This week's Top Ten from The Broke and the Bookish asks for the Top Ten Authors I'd like to See on a Reality Show (and which reality show). To be honest, I kind of hate reality TV… a lot. But I looked up a giant list of shows and played along for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. So I probably haven’t seen most of the shows I mention in this post, but I get the basic idea.

1) Neil Gaiman: Cribs – I don’t know if this show is still around, but I’ve seen photos of his amazing library and I would love to see more of it!

2) Bill Bryson: Survivor – The man is a travel writer, so he should be used to uncomfortable locations and situations… right? Nope, his version of uncomfortable usually includes a pair of shows that aren’t broken in right or a subpar cup of tea. I don’t think he would last long on Survivor.

3) David Mitchell: Jersey Shore – Because after reading Cloud Atlas, I’d like to see this author interact with Snooki and the gang and then watch their little brains implode.

4) John Green: Dirty Jobs – Let’s face it, Green would be great on anything! I think he would make this show both entertaining and educational.

5) Anthony Bourdain: Hell’s Kitchen – I think he and Gordon Ramsay would have a massive show down.

6) Jonathan Franzen: Wipe Out – I’m just not a fan of his and I’d like to see him taken down a notch.

7) Garrison Keillor: American Pickers – Can't you just imagine him talking about each thing they find and its signinficance in American culture as they dig through dilapidated barns and old sheds looking for antiques.

8) Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss: Man, Woman, Wild This married pair of authors probably wouldn’t fare as well as the married couple on the show, but it would be entertaining.

9) David Sedaris: The Osbournes – I’m sorry, but just picture that for a second. Imagine him trying to have a conversation with Ozzy Osborne. Bahaha.

10) George R. R. Martin: So You Think You Can Dance – He doesn’t strike me as very fleet of foot, so this would be hilarious.

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Anne said...

Love your list! I am not a Jonathan Franzen fan either. David Sedaris and the Osbournes is a great idea!

Jeanne said...

I didn't think of myself as a particular fan of Franzen until he came to campus last year. I liked the way he would pause before answering a student's question, and then give a thoughtful and kind answer. He also had more humility than I thought he might--when one student asked, rudely, whether he thought he could top the commencement address given by his dead best friend he thought for a few minutes and then said "in that case, I'll settle for being second best." That is when I was completely won over.

Emily said...

I would pay money to see Neil Gaiman on cribs.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Anne - Wouldn't that be hilarious!

Jeanne - That's good to know and it redeems him a bit in my eyes. It's not just that I'm not a fan of his work. The whole drama over the Oprah book club thing got under my skin. In every interview I read with him he came across as very self righteous.

Emily - My too! I'd love to see his bee hives, library and the office where he works.

Angela said...

Excellent choices! Bill Bryson on Survivor. hee, hee.
Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

Mary said...

I'm suprised by how much Bill Bryson is showing up! I put him too (for Road Rules?! Weird, I know, I don't watch much reality TV though!)

Jenny said...

*cracks up* Oh my God, this post is the best. I want to see every one of these events occur.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - this is a GREAT list! Like you, I don't "do" reality TV, so I chose a different topic, but I really like your selections…. and Gaiman on Cribs? Inspired. You are 100% correct that John Green would be a perfect fit for Dirty Jobs - I'd also love to see him on Top Chef or something cooking related too!

Great, great list!

Bybee said...

How about an author for Hoarders?

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Angela - Wouldn't that be hilarious.

Mary - He is a popular pick.

Jenny - Ha, me too!

lostinagreatbook - He'd be great on Top Chef!

Bybee - That's a great idea! I think J.D. Salinger would have been perfect for that one.

Jenners said...

This was so fun!! I love that not only did you pick the authors but you chose the show for them as well!! Total fun!

Rob said...

Neil Gaiman: Cribs is genius. Right now, this is as close as we've gotten, I think:

I remember seeing an interview where Anthony Bourdain mentioned he really likes Ramsey, but hates hates hates Hell's Kitchen.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Jenners - It was a fun one!

Rob - His bookshelves are amazing! That doesn't surprise me about Bourdain. It'd be fun to see him on the show though.