Wordless Wednesday: Prague Castle

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The view from the top of the castle in Prague.

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Photo by moi.


  1. Look at those buttresses! I love the perspective.

  2. The castle on the hill? I'm thinking that we went there but not sure we were able to get a view like this! It's stunning.

  3. Whoa -- what a view! Gorgeous, though I'm super scared of heights. I get "tingly feet," something akin to my body saying, "Hey, get the heck away from that railing." But seriously: very cool.

  4. Sandy - Sometimes just glances at something from a new perspective makes it even more beautiful!

    Trish - Yes, the giant castle on the hill. Accoring to Guinness the Prague Castle is the biggest castle in the world!

    Meg - I get that tingly feet feeling too!