Neil Gaiman Lecture

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'd like to preface this post by saying all the photos were taken in a dark auditorium with no flash allowed, so sorry.

So after weeks of anticipation I attended Neil Gaiman's lecture in Indianapolis on Friday, where Gaiman was awarded the annual Kurt Vonnegut Literature Award. It was wonderful.

Gaiman mixed words of wisdom with readings of his works. He even had a Q & A portion at the end. He talks the way he writes, turning the simplest phrase into something quite beautiful. He's also hilarious and has perfect comedic timing. Which shouldn't be a surprise, since his sense of humor is evident in his books, but still, it was delightful.

One issue he talked about is the misconception that books should either be good for you or they can be popular. His books, like the Newbery Award Winner The Graveyard Book, have shown us that books can (and should) be both. He said, "I won't choose a side. I'm on the side of books you love."

(Gaiman and his new award)

He read his newest "Instructions" and also short stories like "Inventing Aladdin." During the Q & A he patiently answered silly questions and humored us Hoosiers.

So anyway, completely enamored by the books, the humor and the brilliance of Neil Gaiman.

Have you guys seen any of your favorite authors in person? Did they disappoint or affirm your admiration of them?

Photos by moi.


Amanda said...

So. Jelly.


lydia said...

I've seen David Sedaris speak and absolutely loved loved loved him. He gives great talks — gracious and self-effacing (and HILARIOUS) — and is a wonderful reader of his own works.

In contrast, I've also seen Augusten Burroughs, who I did not enjoy.

I'm so glad Neil Gaiman did not disappoint!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I've seen Sedaris too. He's hilarious and exactly what I hoped he would be. You never know what authors will be like in person.

Heather said...

Oh wow. I would dearly love to see that man in person. *sigh*

The only author I've seen in person was Lee Smith. She came to my college, not long after The Lost Girls was published. She was delightful!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Heather- I love getting the chance to see authors I like speak about their books. There's always some fascinating story that sheds light on a character they created or the inspiration of a story. It's fascinating.