Monday, March 8, 2010

You're not in the wrong place, this is still a blog about books, but can we just have a minute to talk about the Oscars.

I don't know what it is about them, but I just love them. I know the jokes are often bad, the bits are too long, the speeches are boring and there is an air of smugness that hangs over the proceedings, but I still love them.

I love seeing what everybody wears. I love guessing who's going to win, even if there is no surprise. I love the rambling drunken speeches and the weepy "I had no idea" speeches. It's all so fun.

I have found that the best way to watch them is with good snacks, a few movie buff fans and with an extra hour of recorded material so you can fast forward over the commercials and boring parts.

I have to admit I was really thrilled when Bigelow and won for director and The Hurt Locker took Best Picture. I am just so tired of Avatar hype and Cameron is so cocky! I was glad Up picked up a few wins, it was such a sweet story. And the dresses, Helen Mirren looked amazing! There were so many great movies and performances this year. It's always fun when there's no front-runner that's going to sweep every category. Ok, that's the end of my Oscar ramblings.

Did any of you watch the Oscars? Did your favorites win?

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Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Our friends have an Oscar party every year complete with Oscar-themed drinks. This year it was a blue rum drink called "Avatar."
Usually I haven't seen most movies nominated so it gets me inspired to add them to the queue.
Good times!