Book List: 3 Favorite Book Covers

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For this week's list I decided to only count covers of books I actually own, because there are far too many gorgeous covers out there otherwise.

1) Wuthering Heights: I fell in love with this cover when I found it in an old bookstore. The thin gold lines of the interweaving branches, I just love it.

2) The Angel's Game: What's better than a cover filled with old books? That's right, nothing.

3) Bridge of Sighs: In shades of blue, this cover shows the Bridge of Sighs in Venice and another small bridge, both of which are focuses in the book.

This meme is from Lost in Books.

Photos by moi.


nomadreader said...

I adore both of those covers! I'm a huge fan of covers, and I really enjoy seeing the disparate depictions of U.S., U.K., hardback and paperback releases. I mostly read ARCs and on my Kindle, so I often don't actually read books with their cover art, but I'm still fascinated by them.

Jenners said...

I love this question and I hope to do it when I have more time. How could a reader not like "The Angel's Game"? It is like porn for a readers! HAHA!