Book List: 3 Books That Take You Down Memory Lane to High School

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This weeks list, from Lost in Books, takes me back to high school. Here's mine...

1) Sloppy Firsts - The book's main character, Jessica Darling, is snarky and sarcastic. This book came out while I was a senior in high school and it felt so much closer to the real feeling I had than most sappy novels.

2) The Christy Miller series - I loved this series in junior high and early high school. It was certainly an idealized version of high school, but it was a series I read when I was young so it'll always remind me of that time.

3) The Picture of Dorian Gray - I read this for the first time in high school and I've loved Oscar Wilde ever since. This book will always remind me of the moment when I realized the books assigned in English class can be awesome.

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Jenners said...

I can never think of what to say for these lists ... but I love reading everyone else's choices!