Wedding Centerpieces

Monday, February 1, 2010

One of the walls in my library has 35 small frames hanging on it. The frames were part of our centerpieces at our wedding. Each table had a stack of old books with one of the frames on top. The frames contain cards I made, stamped with leaves, with my favorite authors' names and a quote from them.

(Wedding Centerpieces)

The books came from library book sales and Goodwill and other places and more than 100 books ended up costing about $15. I donated the books I didn't want to keep back to Goodwill after the wedding. I found the frames on sale for $1 each and the ribbon was $3. I assembled them all myself. Total cost of the centerpieces was only about $55, and they represented our interests so much more than a random flower arrangement.

I wasn't sure what I would use the frames for after the wedding. I love what we ended up doing. It's a fun conversation starter and a sweet reminder of our wedding day. Plus, I obviously love these quotes.

(Library Wall)

Photos by moi, except the wedding centerpiece photo, which is by Burkett Photography


Kristen said...

Love this idea! And what a great keepsake for you too.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

That's a clever idea. Flowers are so expensive!

B said...

This is lovely! What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing :)