Birdsong Readalong

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Looking for something to read in April? Join the fun. As part of The Classics Club’s April Event Theme, (read about WWI, WWII or the Vietnam War), I’m hosting a readalong of Birdsong.

Published in 1993 Sebastian Faulk’s World War I novel begins in 1910 and finishes in 1979. It’s 483 pages long, so not too daunting, and is split into seven sections. Though it’s not centuries old, the novel quickly became a classic and is also in 1001 Book to Read Before You Die. It was #13 in the BBC’s Big Read survey for Britain's favorite book. It has been adapted for the stage and radio and was turned into a Masterpiece miniseries in 2012.

It’s got love, it’s got war and it’s not as long as War & Peace; what more could you ask for?

We’ll start on April 1st, no post needed to join in the fun. We will touch base on Monday, April 15th and share our comments on the first half of the book. You can do your on post or just join the conversation here at my blog. Then we can all post our final thoughts on Tuesday, April 30th.

Pages 1-230 (Part 1 and 2) by Monday, April 15th
Pages 231-483 by Tuesday, April 30th

We can also tweet our thoughts as we go at #BirdsongAlong. So let me know in the comments if you want to read along with me!

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Kristi said...

Oooh...I have Birdsong on my shelf. I'm in. I don't have any reading plans for April. I'll probably miss the first check-in because the first two weeks of April are usually insane for me, but I'll catch up in the end.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Perfect! This one is very laid back, comment or tweet when you want and join in the final wrap-up post. Glad you're joining!

Mabel said...

Hi Melissa! I've had this one on the radar since I knew you'd be hosting! I probably won't join in for checkins and such. (I like to read at my own pace, and I might still be reading, or just getting ready to start, when the event is over.) :P

But just to say, I'll be reading it pretty soon, and might be reading in April. That's the plan anyway. Not sure if that counts as joining the redalong. :-)

Cat said...

I'll join you. I bought Birdsong at a book Sale last year and tucked it away for this readalong. :-

Jeanne said...

I'm not much of a joiner, but I'll make an effort here because I've been wanting to read this book. At least by April 30 I'll try to post something on it.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Mabel - That totally counts! Just add your two cents whenever you feel like it. I'm not big on weekly checkins for readalongs.

Cat - Yay! I'm excited to watch the BBC miniseries when I finish the book.

Jeanne - Sounds good. I love reading your thoughts on books.