iPad Book Cover

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I don't have an iPad, but this case makes me want to get one. I think I'm just a sucker for anything that hides technology in the guise of a book.

When it's closed it looks exactly like a book! I think it's funny that where the title would go on the spine it says "This is not a book." It can even stand up on its own. Whoa.

Photos from here.


Tanu said...

That is too cool. I am so getting this.

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. maybe not. It is sort of expensive :(

Jenners said...

Oh ... I want that But I guess I would need to somehow get an iPad first!

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

This is the one I've been coveting for ages (saving it for Xmas):


What do you think?

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Tanu - I know, it's surprisingly expensive.

Alexandra - You're a girl after my own heart. I fell for that one a few months ago. It's just gorgeous.


Beth said...

That is fantastic. Sometimes I feel like investing in new technology just for the great accessories!