Powell's Books

Monday, September 20, 2010

If I had a solid week to wander I would still probably feel like I didn't see all of Powell's Books. It's a huge, massive bookstore in Portland, OR that literally takes up an entire city block. We visited the bookstore for the first time last month and I was smitten.

There are multiple floors, dozens of categories and hundreds of books that wanted me to take them home.

If you get the chance to visit while you're on the west coast make sure to give yourself plenty of time. That was my only regret. I could have spent a few days there, but unfortunately we didn't have that long. Although that's probably better in the end for my sagging bookshelves.

Here's my loot from the trip. I ended up with a gorgeous copy of The House of Mirth, Man Walks Into a Room (same author as The History of Love) and the graphic novel French Milk. Also, that's my copy of Treasure Island that I bought at the City Light Bookstore in San Fran.

Photos by moi.

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Bybee said...

My friend from Oregon keeps telling me that I must do a specific Powell's vacation.