Library: Before and After

Monday, January 25, 2010

So I might have a bit of an obsession with books.

From what I understand the two things women are supposed to fantasize about are weddings and babies. I never thought too much about either. But the one thing I frequently dreamed about was the day I could have my own library. I couldn't wait to have my hot little hands on all of my books at one time.

Over the years my books have survived in cardboard boxes in family member's attics and mini barns while I skirted between apartments, countries and jobs, all the while acquiring more books. Now that I have my own home, Flannel Man (aka the husband) agreed to let me turn our second living room into a giant homage to the love of my life - (second to him of course) -books!

So here's the before and after of my library. This room couldn't possibly make my any happier (unless maybe it had room for one more bookcase.) We painted the walls (below) and then promptly covered them with all of my bookcases. In the corner you can see my book tables and there are big comfy chairs for reading.

Photos by moi.


Carl V. Anderson said...

What a great library! So glad you posted a link to this in your BEA post. It looks very nice. I'm hoping soon to have a proper library of my own. We are making plans at this moment, which is fun.

Comfy looking chairs you have there too!!! Does it look much different now or is it pretty much the same as when you finished it?

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Thanks! It's my happy place. It's almost the same, but I managed to add another small bookcase the green chair. And of course the books on the shelves are constantly in rotation.