Wordless Wednesday: Schronnbrunn Statue

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Statue at Schronnbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

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Photo by moi.


  1. Austria is one of those places that would be great to visit. Great shot)

  2. I visited the Schronnbrunn Palace in Vienna after visiting Versailles and remember thinking that if you lived in a palace Schronnbrunn was much more comfortable and homey.

  3. Very interesting capture,the sun shining through gives the shot an otherworldy feel.
    Happy WW from Normandy.

  4. Love old statues, and I love how you captured the light shining through the trees!

  5. William Faulkner is a favorite of mine. I have had the pleasure of meeting his niece, who he raised, and am in the process of working up a post with a video interview. I will have to read your review for As I Lay Dying.
    I love these posts. It is interesting to see settings for books that I either have not read, or can not recall the location.