Reading the States: Hawaii

Friday, March 23, 2012



- The Descendants* by Kaui Hart Hemmings
- Moloka'i by Alan Brennert
- Hawaii by James Michener
- The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson
- Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings by Christopher Moore
- Sisterchicks Do the Hula* by Robin Jones Gunn,
- From Here to Eternity by James Jones

- Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers by Lois-Ann Yamanaka


- Unfamiliar Fishes* by Sarah Vowell
- Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before by Tony Horwitz
- Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama
- Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands by Gavan Daws
- The Colony: the harrowing true story of the exiles of Molokai by John Tayman

Authors Who Lived Here:

- Allegra Goodman
- Lois Lowry
- David Gallaher

Great Bookstores in the State: 

Native Books

*Books I've Read

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  1. I just got The Descendants on audio. I've sort of cheated and saw the movie first, but I'm very excited to listen to this.

  2. I saw the movie first too, I hate it when that happens! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book.

  3. I've read Moloka'i at the suggestion of a friend and didn't care for it. Each chapter is a tragedy so it was too sad for me. My mother-in-law would probably love it though!

  4. I also read the sequel to Molokai, about Honolulu. They were okay. But this post reminds me how much I adored Christopher Moore's novel Fluke!!!

  5. Captain - that one didn't sound great to me.

    Jeanne - I should read that. I've only read his book Fool.

  6. I was hoping to love Moloka'i:(

  7. BookQuoter - I haven't read it either, but maybe after your recent trip there it will have more meaning for you.