The Classics Club

Monday, March 12, 2012

I am officially joining The Classics Club! Jillian at A Room of One's Own came up with the wonderful idea of starting a classics club. We each make a list of 50, 100, 200, etc. books we want to read that are considered classics. This is a five year project and we just update as we go. I'm always reading classics anyway, so I was thrilled to hear about it.

The club basics:
  • choose 50+ classics
  • list them at your blog
  • choose a reading completion goal date up to five years in the future and note that date on your classics list of 50+ titles
  • link your classics list to Jillian's blog
  • write about each title on your list as you finish reading it, and link it to your main list
  • when you’ve written about every single title, go to Jillian's blog and reply to your initial comment when you joined, to let us know you won
If you want to see the books I've chosen, I've posted my list of 100 books on a new page here. I'm giving myself a completion date of March 9, 2017, 5 years from now. Let the classic reading begin!


  1. I'm so glad you're joining! We have quite a few titles in common. I see you have Don Quixote on your list. Maybe a readalong at some point? I think that one would be easier to read with others.

  2. Goodness me this is some project and I am impressed that you have already chosen the titles to read. How did you define classic?

  3. Kristi - Yes! Let's definitely do a readalong for that one. I'm glad you're doing this too.

    LindyLouMac - I pulled titles from dozens of list of top 100 classics, 1001 Books to read before your die, etc. Most of them fall into the traditional definition of classic, a few are a looser fit in that category.

  4. OMG!!! Five years? That is seriously ambitious. See this is something I SHOULD do, because I am woefully inadequate in the classics category, but I'm too chicken.

  5. Sandy - Seriously, with all you have on your plate I think you're justified in not taking on another giant challenge! You should join in a readalong if we do one though.

  6. I'm excited you decided to join, Melissa! There's no need to say I'm excited by all your choices. Of course I am! :) But I'm most excited to read your thoughts on Walden, The Mysteries of Udolpho, and Vanity Fair. :D

  7. Jillian - I've been wanting to read Udolpho ever since I read Northanger Abbey years ago. Walden has always intimidated me for some reasons, but I want to read it!

  8. Intrested in joining the club but wondering how you define 'classics' so I can build my 50 book list. Are they books published before a particular date for example?

  9. Karen - The definition is pretty loose. You can have anything from modern classics to ancient ones. Here's some additional info if you're interested...