Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I read both the Christy Miller series and the Sierra Jensen series when I was in junior high and early high school. I read them and re-read them and at 13, Robin Jones Gunn was probably my favorite author. I decided to re-read the first book in each series as an adult and it was such a treat. It was like returning to my adolescence for a moment.

Summer Promise
by Robin Jones Gunn
A sweet Wisconsin farm girl, 14-year-old Christy Miller, spends the summer with her wealthy aunt and uncle in California. She struggles with wanting to be accepted by a new group of friends and feeling like she’s not good enough.

She has a crush on Todd, a surfer she met, but is receiving mixed signals from the laid back guy. Her beautiful new friend, Alissa, seems to have it all figured out and Christy wonders if she can emulate Alissa’s style. She quickly realizes that she can’t look to others to determine her self worth.

Only You, Sierra
by Robin Jones Gunn
After spending time on a mission trip in Europe, the free-spirited Sierra returns home to finish high school. The only problem is that home is no longer where she left it. Her entire family moved to Portland, Oregon and now Sierra must adjust to a new town and school.

Her preppy sister is fitting in, as are her younger brothers, but after her time away she can’t seem to find her footing. To top it off, the great guy she met on the plane on the way home seems to be popping up in her new life, but always at the wrong moment.

If I’d read them for the first time now, I’m sure I would have a completely different view. Christy is so innocent and she’s worried about all the silly things most teenagers focus on: making friends, a boy she has a crush on, fitting in, etc. Sierra’s problems also seem small in the big scheme of things. But the thing is, these books aren’t meant for adults, they’re for young teens and for that age, they’re a perfect fit. When you’re young your feelings seem like the most wonderful and awful things in the world. Reading about someone else who is going through the same things is incredibly reassuring. I’d definitely recommend these for anyone hoping to find a good series for young girls.


Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm wondering if my daughter would like these. I've got back and read some of my favorite books from my childhood, and it is amazing how much you remember. In the case of "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret", I remembered entire paragraphs!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

They are really sweet books. It makes me realize how innocent I was as a preteen. It makes me nostaglic to reread them.