Austen in August

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I've read at least one Austen book every year since 2002. I worked my way through her six novels, then I reread them, then I read all of her juvenilia. I just love her work. I just realized that I didn't read ANY Austen last year! I'm horrified. In my defense, I did have a baby and not get a lot of sleep, so all of my reading suffered last year. 

Anyway, I'm back and obviously miss Jane. Roof Beam Reader is once again hosting the annual Austen in August reading event and I'm thrilled to have an excuse to just back into her work.  I'm planning on rereading my very first Austen, Pride & Prejudice, this month. If you want to join in the fun you can see the details here


Julie @ Smiling Shelves said...

I know I'm way late in this comment, but I hope your Austen in August has gone wonderfully well! I'm also an avid Jane Austen fan, but I have yet to participate in any Austen in August festivities. Maybe next year!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Julie - Thanks! It's always fun. You should join in next year for sure. No one needs an excuse to read Austen, but it's even better when a bunch of people are doing it at the same time.