Framley Parsonage Readalong

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

** Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend fellow Americans (and a regular happy weekend to everyone else!) My family is having a big family reunion over the next five days, so I will be back on Monday! **
Okay guys, we are halfway through the readalong! We've made it to the book that started this whole thing, Framley Parsonage. I read Tooth and Claw in January and later learned that the plot is modeled on this book. I can't wait to read this one and I'm guessing Amanda is just as excited!
"Mark Robarts is a clergyman with ambitions beyond his small country parish of Framley. In a naive attempt to mix in influential circles, he agrees to guarantee a bill for a large sum of money for the disreputable local Member of Parliament, while being helped in his career in the Church by the same hand. But the unscrupulous politician reneges on his financial obligations, and Mark must face the consequences this debt may bring to his family. One of Trollope's most enduringly popular novels since it appeared in 1860, Framley Parsonage is an evocative depiction of country life in nineteenth-century England, told with great compassion and acute insight into human nature."
We decided to space the last two books out a bit more to give everyone time to catch up if they want to!
September: The Small House at Allington
November: The Last Chronicle of Barset
Share your wrap up post with all of us at the end of the month and tweet your thoughts at #Trollope2014.


Cleo said...

Thanks for giving the catch-up time. I'm hoping to start Dr. Thorne in the next few days, so it will be awhile until I get to Framley Parsonage. So far all the books have been excellent and I'm so happy you proposed this read-along. Trollope is now on my favourite authors list!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

cleopatra - Absolutely, Amanda and I were both thinking that we should have scheduled the books every other month to give ourselves a break. I'm so glad you're enjoying Trollope!

Anonymous said...

I'm so tempted to jump into this read along. I've read The Warden and The Small House at Alington in the past,but have always dreamed about returning to Barsetshire some day... Hmm...

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

bibliophilica - Do it!!! Jump in!