Carl Sandburg Historic Site

Monday, June 9, 2014

 (The birthplace of Carl Sandburg)

 A recent road trip took the Huz and I through Illinois and we stopped for lunch in Galesburg. I was surprised to discover signs for the Carl Sandburg Historic Site. We made a quick detour and visited the birthplace of Carl Sandburg, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet whose famous "Fog" poems is read by students everywhere.

 There is a visitors center located next to the small home where Sandburg was born. It had a wonderful exhibit (see above) chronicling his entire life. There were also poetry collections and novels by the author for sale at the front.

(RIGHT: Sandburg's childhood home / LEFT: The Remembrance Rock)

 The wonderful staff member took me on a quick private tour of his home. There was also a lovely garden behind the house where Sandburg's ashes are buried beneath the "Remembrance Rock."

 (RIGHT: The tiny home in the 1800s / LEFT: Sandburg meeting with JFK)

I wasn't expecting to stop in Galesburg, but I'm so glad I did! It was wonderful to learn a bit more about one of our nation's finest poets. If you're in the area I'd recommend stopping in for a quick visit!

Photos by moi.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Galesburg Melissa. Our city has more history to spark your curiosity.
Did you know...
George Washington Ferris (the inventor of the Ferris Wheel) is from Galesburg.
Both Ronald & Nancy Reagan lived in Galesburg for a time. They did not know each other.
Abraham Lincoln framed his debate concerning Emancipation at the 5th Lincoln-Douglas Debate in 1858 at Knox College in Galesburg.
As a side note, Knox College's Old Main.
Our downtown has over 20 restaurants including fine dining, and a wonderful brew pub. Go to for more info on our city. :-)

Anonymous said...

As a side note Knox College's Old Main is the only standing structure left from the Lincoln-Douglas Debate series.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

videoboy - Wow, thanks for the info!