Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have so many things in my life to be thankful for this year. I’m glad that this week's Top Ten from The Broke and the Bookish asks us to name a few. I’m going to list 5 general things and then 5 bookish things.

1) This summer my Dad’s cancer (Lymphoma) came back and this month he finished his last chemo treatment! I’m so grateful that it went well and hopefully kicked the cancer’s butt. My father-in-law had a pacemaker put in this summer and the surgery and recovery has gone really well. So much to be thankful for!

2) The Huz and I re-roofed our house this summer. It was brutal, but I’m so grateful for the family and friends who jumped in to help and make that job possible. We felt very loved by all the people who sweated it out in the July heat with us.

3) As we watched friends struggle with being laid off or let go this year I’ve been so grateful that both the Huz and I have full-time jobs that we enjoy. Even when I’m not having the best day at work, I’m so glad I have great co-workers and a laid back work environment that doesn’t require heels!

4) We welcomed a new niece into the world in October and I’m so grateful for all of my happy and healthy nieces and nephews. I love getting to know each one of them and seeing the people they are becoming.

5) I’m so grateful that even when our budget is tight or we are saving for a big home improvement project we still make it a priority to take a vacation. I know that we might not always be able to, but travel is so important to me and I love that we take little road trips to random places every year.


6) I’ve already finished all three of the 2013 Reading Challenges I tackled this year, so I’m thankful December will be “read whatever I want” month!

7) The Classics Club has become really successful. I’ve loved adding new members and reviews every week. It’s a lot of work, but I’m thrilled that people have embraced it.

8) I finally read the first Game of Thrones book and I LOVED it! Now I have lots of GOT reading to look forward to. There’s nothing quite like discovering a new series you love.

9) The library, I am so happy to have access to a huge library. I go through so many audiobooks and I would never be able to afford that without my brilliant library.

10) I’m grateful for this blog and the community that I’m part of because of it. I finally purchased the domain and I’m currently working on a blog redesign with a professional. I’m grateful to be making this blog better in 2014!


Sandy Nawrot said...

That is a really nice post! It is good to sit down and have an accounting of all of our blessings.

Kat @ NoPageLeftBehind said...

Great list! Yay for libraries and family! I'm excited to hear that you're upping the ante blog-wise. Looking forward to the changes :)

Amy said...

I think I'll adopt "Read Whatever You Want Month" for December too!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Sandy - It makes me realize how much I take for granted each day. I have family, friends, a house, access to books, my health, it's a good life :)

Kat - I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Amy - It's so freeing! I love reading from lists, it's fun for me. But I love having time at the end of the year to read random stuff.

Andi said...

This is a great list. Thank you for sharing it with us, Melissa!

JoAnn said...

So much to be thankful for this holiday season :-)

Jillian said...

#1 is definitely something to be thankful for :) And yes, I always am so jealous of your wonderful library everytime I see pictures of it on instagram! haha. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Kailana said...

That's a great list! I wish I loved GOT like everyone else. I am just kind of 'meh' about it and that makes me sad! And congrats on the blog future! I have always meant to do that, but a blog redesign was all I accomplished. And, well, I still really like it so no point messing with it!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Andi - I loved your's too!

JoAnn - So true!

Jillian - My books traveled from apt to apt with me in boxes for years! It's nice to finally have them accessible.

Kailana - I felt very meh about Outlander and I was disappointed I didn't like it more. Some books just don't click.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Happy to hear that your father is done with treatment and I'm all for calling this cancer's butt kicked!!! I went through that with my dad when I was a teenager and I know it is very stressful on the family.