Pin it and Do It: Pinterest Challenge

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I finally participated in one of Trish's Pinterest Challenges. The goal is to actually complete a few of the things you pin on Pinterest. I decided to dig in an do a bunch of them this month! Below are pictures of the actual Pinterest pin and then my completed version. 

You can find me on Pinterest here

(The Pinterest example is on the left and mine is on the right)

Au Gratin Potato casserole: It was perfect to take to Thanksgiving dinner! 

Apple Pie: This is the first time I baked a pie from scratch. It was really good!

I used photos for Christmas tags this year. 

I made this one as a Christmas gift for my sister-in law. 
She and my brother got married this year and the words 
on the tree are the lyrics to the song played for their first dance. 

Sugar Cream Pie: Also known as Hoosier pie, this was my favorite 
growing up and I made it for the first time for a Christmas get together. 
Very sweet, but great with coffee. 

The one of the right is pepperoni rolls. This was so 
easy and tasted really good for a quick dinner. 

The one on the left was another Christmas gift 
for a friend who is an elementary school teacher. 

Thanks to Trish for hosting this and encouraging me 
to actually do some of the things that I had pinned!

Photos by moi and from Pinterest.


annieb said...

Hoosier pie! I haven't thought about that in years! I loved it as a child growing up in Ft. Wayne. My family never made it, but Wolf and Dessauer's tea room made the best and about twice a year my mother would take me there in my Sunday best (not on Sunday because in those days they weren't open) and we would have lunch and Cream Pie as they called it. You are right--it is incredibly sweet. Thanks for the memory.

Nikki Steele said...

I love it! I just keep stockpiling everything on Pinterest in order to "make it someday" and almost never get around to it. Love the book tree ;)

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Wow, you made a lot of cool and thoughtful things!

Jenners said...

Most impressive! And I am in LOVE with that tree heart thing. Going to pin that to my own board and attempt it!!!! Well done.

Happy New Year -- wishing you lots of 5 star reads.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Ok--I like how I'm one of your labels. :)

The pepperoni rolls look delicious!! I recently saw something about making monkey bread pizza rolls (in bundt pan which is my current "kitchen thing") but these look so much easier!

And congrats on your first pie! Thanks for playing along. :)

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

annieb - What a lovely memory! My aunt used to make it and bring it to all our family get togethers, so it has always had a fond place in my heart.

Nikki - I do the same thing. It was good to have a reason to try and actually make a few of them.

Captain - Thanks!

Jenners - Thanks Jenners, my tree didn't turn out perfectly, but it was made with love!

Trish - They were so good! Perfect for a night when you just want to order pizza, just make the rolls instead!