2012 TBR Pile Challenge Completed

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I completed the 2012 TBR Pile Challenge! I’m so proud of myself, because these are all books that I’ve been meaning to read for a LONG time and I finally got to them! Thanks to Adam at the Roof Beam Reader for hosting the challenge and encouraging me to pick up these long neglected titles. I read 11 books from my original list and one of the alternates, a total of twelve books.

Here is my complete list, including the month I read them and links to all of my reviews.

1) Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (finished March 2012)
2) The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh (finished April 2012)
3) Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters by J.D. Salinger (finished June 2012)
4) Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams (finished July 2012)
5) Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss (finished April 2012)
6) Bleak House by Charles Dickens (finished March 2012)
7) Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper (finished January 2012)
8) The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood (finished September 2012)
9) Affinity by Sarah Waters (finished September 2012)
10) The Quiet American by Graham Greene
11) The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska Orczy (finished May 2012)
12) Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson (finished February 2012)

1) Nobody's Fool by Richard Russo
2) That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis (finished July 2012)

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o said...

Well done :) I finished Bleak House in March as well - we must have been reading it at the same time!

La Graciada said...

Congrats! That's an interesting list. I really enjoyed the Stephen Mangan/Darren Boyd Dirk Gently series, and as it's now sadly been axed, perhaps I should go back and read the books.

Roof Beam Reader said...

Way to go!! I will have to rush, rush, rush at the end of the year (after school finishes for the semester) to try and complete my list. I think I've read 8 of 12 so far, so it's possible I'll still finish, but I haven't had time for any personal reading since school started in August. :(

Good job!

claire said...

Congratulations! To conquer the TBR was my goal this year as well, though I've read some from it, I also added more! :)

Kristi said...

Impressive! I love Adam's challenge. I'm still plugging away. I have 4.5 books left to go and still a few to review.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

o - That's funny, I'll have to find your review!

La Graciada - I heard about that series, but I haven't been able to find a way to watch it!

Adam - I hate it when my personal reading gets bumped because of work or school. I always miss it.

Claire - I feel like it's a never-ending cycle. The more I read, the more books end up on my TBR list!

Kristi - You've got plenty of time!

Karen K. said...

Very impressive! I've just posted about my 11th book, only one more to go! And some of my favorites are on your list -- I love Bleak House, it's my favorite Dickens, and I adore Miss Pettigrew. Still haven't read Affinity but I really liked Sarah Waters' Fingersmith. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Karen K - 11 books, that's great, you're so close! I have read Fingersmith, it's so good!

Roof Beam Reader said...

Linking you up in our final wrap-up post (going live today) and you're entered in the gift card giveaway.

I'm only going to hit 11 of 12, unless I manage to read all of Don Quixote or Dickens's Our Mutual Friend on New Year's Eve. Not gonna happen. Lol

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Roof Beam Reader - That's awesome! I put some massive books on my TBR list for next year and I'm a bit nervous about it.