Book List: 3 Books that have been on your TBR List the longest

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This week's list from Lost in Books is 3 Books that have been on your To Be Read (TBR) List the longest. There are many classics that would make this list, but here are the first few books that come to mind. These are all books that I put on my "TBR this year" shelf every year and somehow haven't gotten to them yet.

1) The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov: People have recommended this book to me for years, but it's never seemed to be the right time to read it.

2) The Rabbit series by John Updike: This series seems to be the definition of "critical darling." Critics say it's wonderful, but I've never had an actual person recommend it to me, I just see it on every TBR list.

3) Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace: This one is obvious. I haven't picked it up because it's huge and I know it's going to take all of my attention to read it. I know I'll get to it eventually.

Have you all read any of these? Should I pick them up immediately?


Unknown said...

I have read the first one and a couple of the Rabbit series books. I say Master and Margarita is the best but it's experienced better when treated as an allegory for Soviet communism and censorship (that was the author's intent) than just a story.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Good to know. I'll definitely keep that in mind when I read it... which I still need to do.

Jenners said...

I could definitely see "Infinite Jest" being a long-term TBR book ... it seems long and intimidating!

Just Mom said...

The Rabbit books have been on my mother's shelf as long as I can remember - I know she read them - she's not a slacker like me!

Cecelia said...

Oh, nice list! I've not read any of these...but they're just the sort to sit in my TBR pile forever. *grin*

My post for The Book List this week is here.

Becca said...

Great list! I keep looking at Updike's books when I am in the used book store or at the library, but they never seem to follow me home.