Harry Potter Bar - The Lockhart

Friday, November 6, 2015

 The Huz and I had a quick trip to Canada in September and spent one night in Toronto before heading to Prince Edward Island. While there we stopped in a new bar called The Lockhart that had just opened. We heard that it was a Harry Potter bar and I just had to check it out.
 It was a tiny hipster bar, but I loved the Harry Potter references. In addition to the name of the place, there are drinks named after HP characters. I took a couple pictures of the menu just for fun. I love that in addition to the HP drinks, there's a Captain Picard!
There were also a few stags in the bar and a neon sign (see top pictured) that says "All was well." So glad we stopped in!

Photos by me.


thecuecard said...

Oh neat Melissa. What a cool place. Thanks for the pics and menu. Sometimes we get to Toronto so perhaps we will check out the Lockhart next time.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

thecuecard - I just loved the details!