Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This week's Top Ten from The Broke and the Bookish asks for the Top Ten Characters I Would Want with Me on a Deserted Island. Such a fun question!
1) Ford Prefect from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – His job was literally to create a guide with information about surviving on any planet. I bet he would have some great stories in addition to survival tips.

2) Hermione from Harry Potter – She’s clever and kind and has already proved herself valuable in countless situations.

3) Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones – He would provide witty conversation, definitely an asset.

4) Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings – He’s been to Mordor and back, so he’s got endurance. Plus he’s endlessly loyal.

5) Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games – She wouldn’t be much fun, but I bet she’d be able to catch us some dinner. The girl’s got survival skills.  

6) Robinson Crusoe – He would already know how to survive on a deserted island, which is helpful.

7) Guy Montag and his friends from Fahrenheit 451 – It might be cheating, but I’d love to take a couple of the people who have an entire book memorized. They could recent it allowed to keep everyone entertained.

8) Abbe Faria from The Count of Monte Cristo – He’s wise and willing to teach others. He’s a hard worker and infinitely patient.

9) Ender Wiggin from the Ender’s Game series – In addition to being a strategy genius, Ender has learned to value dozens of cultures throughout the universe.  

10) Anne Shirley – When things seem bleak Anne would cheer everyone up.


Sandy Nawrot said...

That is a great list! And as usual, I have nothing clever to add because I'm not quick on my feet with these things. You know Samwise (or the actor) is in The Strain. He's not so loyal in this instance. Seems a little weird.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Sandy - I didn't know that. Did you ever see him in 50 First Dates? He is hilarious in that.

kayerj said...

That’s a creative list today, personally I hope to never be marooned on a deserted Island. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

Heather said...

Seems like everyone is picking Katniss! I didn't, because "emotional fragility", but I'm starting to rethink that! I ALMOST put Tyrion Lannister. ALMOST.

Rudejasper said...

Ford Prefect is a brilliant choice! Also Robinson Crusoe! Katniss has made a lot of lists which makes total sense but I would need it to be book one Katniss and not book two or three Katniss who drives me crazy!

Melinda said...

Glad Katniss Everdeen is on the list!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

kelley jensen - Ha, well I definitely wouldn't choose to be either.

Heather - I just want her archery skills!

Stephanie Shepherd - That's true, but I'm definitely not inviting her for her conversation skills.

Melinda - She's a valuable asset to have!