Wordless Wednesday: Rosetta Stone

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A collection of memories from my visit to the British Museum,
 where I saw the Rosetta Stone. 

The stone contains three different languages, 
one of which (the lowest portion) is Ancient Greek. 

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Photo by moi.


  1. OMG I loved the British Museum! I saw the Rosetta Stone as well...it is kind of awesome. I just remember after spending an entire day there, I would have preferred that my feet be amputated I was so tired, yet so invigorated with all that HISTORY.

  2. Lucky you! And thank you for sharing with those of us who will probably never make it there.

    Here's my (wordy) Wordless Wednesday!

  3. The British Museum was so amazing -- so many treasures around every corner! Love your collage of the experience :D

  4. Sandy - I know, there's so much to see! It's a bittersweet experience because you know so many of the items were taken from another country, but it's still an honor to see them.

    Deb Nance - You never know, you could end up there one day!

    Nikki - That first moment when you walk into the attrium is just incredible!