Reading the States: Wisconsin

Friday, December 21, 2012


- Loving Frank* by Nancy Horan
- The Story of Edgar Sawtelle* by David Wroblewski
- Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright
- The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach
- Off Keck Road by Mona Simpson
- Whistling in the Dark by Lesley Kagen
- A Reliable Wife* by Robert Goolrick
- Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwartz
- American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld
- A Map of The World by Jane Hamilton
- The Women by T. C. Boyle
- Wingshooters by Nina Revoyr
- Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
- Shotgun Lovesongs* by Nickolas Butler
- American Gods* by Neil Gaiman

- WAU-BUN by Mrs. John H. Kinzie
- The Land Remembers by Ben Logan
- Blankets* by Craig Thompson
- Old World Wisconsin by Fred L. Holmes
- They Marched Into Sunlight by David Maraniss
- Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy 

Authors Known for Writing in or about the State:
- Christina Schwartz
- August Derleth

Authors Who Lived Here:
- Stephen E. Ambrose
- Thornton Wilder
- Tim Cahill
- Peter Straub
- Jack Finney
- David Wroblewski

Great Bookstores:

A Room of One’s Own
Literary Places to Visit:

*Books I've Read
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Sandy Nawrot said...

Well, Wisconsin has its share of action, doesn't it? I tell you Loving Frank knocked the wind out of me and my book club.

The Relentless Reader said...

Ahh Wisconsin. Best state in the Union ;)

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Sandy - Me too! I read Loving Frank for my book club too and then I visited Taliesin later that year and couldn't stop thinking about the book.

Jennifer - Sounds like you're a fellow Midwesterner!

Elisabeth said...

Just came across this series -- I live in Wisconsin, and I'm happy to see these books featured! I haven't read any of them, but there are a few others I own that are not on this list. Also, Fireside Books is one of my favorite bookstores; I go there at least once a month.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Elisabeth - That's awesome! I love discovering new books about each state through this series.